About us


Tehnical production services

1991. – the year that has marked the beginning of business for Eldra. Over the years we have gained a reputation as a leading provider of technical production services for events, utilizing the very best audio, video and light technology the market has to offer. 

Our clients are always offered the highest quality equipment accompanied by our dedication and will to take things one step further, exceeding their own expectations. We are proud to let our results speak for us – over the span of 30 years, we have been a huge part of a number of concerts, festivals, conferences , fairs, etc. Those reasons made us respectable and reliable in the eyes of our clients.

We are offering a wide palette of equipment, meaning that our clients can rely solely on us, minimizing the risks of equipment incompatibility among a variety of suppliers. A big emphasis is being made on expertise and professionalism, and that is we employ young and able technicians who are reliable and enthusiastic about their work.

Our goal is always the same – to provide quality service and event realizations above client expectations.